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Fired Process Heaters - Thermal Fluid Heaters

HCI Thermal Fluid & Process Heaters
Two-pass helical coil heater with outputs from 0.5 to 60-million BTU/hour. Can be designed for thermal fluid or process heating. Available in horizontal and vertical configurations.

The Heatec HCI thermal fluid heater is an industrial heater commonly used in closed-loop thermal fluid heat transfer systems. The heater is designed around a helical coil. Thermal fluid flows through the helical coil, gaining radiant and convective heat from hot burner gases. The heated thermal fluid then transfers heat to end users such as tanks, presses, dryers, reactors, chillers, extruders, steam generators, or other equipment. The heater's two-pass design provides high efficiency, simplicity and low maintenance. Heating coils meet ASME code.

HCM Thermal Fluid Heaters for Marine Vessels
Meet U.S. Coast Guard specifications. ABS certified when requested. Available in horizontal and vertical configurations.

Heatec HCM thermal fluid heaters are used to heat cargo on barges and other workboats. Typical applications include heating asphalt, heavy fuel, sulphur or phosphates.

HCM heaters meet U.S. Coast Guard specifications. And they are certified by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) when requested by the customer.

HCM heaters are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Outputs range from 1 to 20 million BTU per hour. They are available in standard 2-pass designs as well as 3-pass designs. All can be customized to meet your specific needs.


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