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Premium Process Equipment, PPE, is dedicated exclusively to the heat transfer needs of the industrial & process market. The expertise and equipment selections offered by PPE are not available to most vendors of heat transfer equipment. Our products are welded plate heat exchangers in several configurations. This equipment is intended for those process components which are not appropriate for general duty heat exchangers. All the equipment offered by PPE is built to ASME code, and has the process and service side divided by welded metal, no interplate gaskets.

We make heat exchangers to handle sludge, and slurries, temperature crosses, thermal shock, startups and cycling, and many cleanouts and inspections. PPE has sophisticated tools for thermal analysis, and is staffed by personnel with experience in heat transfer in the process industry. Even complex multi phase heat transfer problems are addressed with knowledge and good engineering practice. The equipment is designed and fabricated to the highest standards of quality as is required by these demanding applications.

The main selections of heat exchangers offered by PPE are Spiral Plate (SHE), Wide Gap Pressure Plate (WGPP), and Plate Shell (PS).


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