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Heat Exchanger Design, Inc.

Heat Exchanger Design, Inc. (HED) was founded in March of 1984. The company is incorporated in Indianapolis, IN. From the start, HED had a vision to become one of the leaders of heat transfer field. We have grown from our small 10,000 square feet fabrication shop (in 1985) to our present facility with over 114,000 square feet. In the process we have had the pleasure of serving many firms from coast to coast, as well as our international clients in over 40 countries. Our original line of products have evolved from Hairpin and Shell & Tubes exchangers, to a wide variety of heat transfer equipment including Tank Heaters, Fuel Oil Line & Suction Heaters, Air Cooled Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Economizers, Waste Heat Boilers, Indirect Fired Heaters, and any type of special application equipment.


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